Heli Skiing in BC, Feb-Mar 2005

Downtown Calgary

Our fearless Swiss-German guide, Ueli loading the vans.

The "machine" coming to pick us up on bluff overlooking the Columbia

Hot soup at a sunny lunch stop, day 1.

Getting dropped off on a sunny, mountain saddle landing zone.

Some of the really good Swiss boarders.

Between runs in the Bell helicopter.

Me just before taking off from a landing zone.

Ulrich from Seattle really sitting into his first steep turn!

The machine picks up another group after lunch on the second day.

My group and myself waiting for our after-lunch ride.

Dropping a steep cornice on day 2.

Me again, this time carrying the avy backpack in the back of the group.

Another group gets picked up in the valley below.

Ueli on day 3, whistling to guide us through the fog.

Day 3 is short, wet and slushy.

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