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Independence Pass Cragging and Camping August 2004

I proposed a trip to the Flatirons on this particular weekend but during a week-night ascent in Boulder canyon, Steve invited me to go camping and cragging at Independence Pass. I picked up Paul early Saturday morning and we blasted up to Monitor rock and beat the rest who camped. The weather was incredible with patchy clouds and little or no rain. Everybody tried their hands on a few sport routes on Saturday while Jennifer and I did a trad climb. Camping that night was really pleasant at the nice USFS campground and we got our fill of smores and PBR. The next morning, partially due to my prodding we checked out a new area, some slab climbing above Twin Lakes. After a steep, dirty bushwack, we ended up at a rock with great views and questionable climbing. We all did a friction slab and some of us tried the lichen covered route. After that, it was lunch at Twin Lakes and home.

We arrive at Monitor rock.

Steve slept well.  Very sexy, Steve.

Dave and Jennifer are done climbing, now the Outward Bound weenies can climb.

Dave and Madeline top out on two sport routes.

Jennifer is doing the light belayer, heavy climber shuffle.

Winding down at the campsite with a beer.

The next morning we have a steep climb to the crag and get great views.


Steve and Madeline grunt it out on the steep slope.

Paul finishes an intense 5.10 slab lead.

Paul stands clear while the choss flies.

Steve risks life and limb to ascend a lichen covered route.  Good adventure climbing practice.  

He's smiling, and hanging on for dear life.

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