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Lexington, Kentucky
April 2004

So, I went to Kentucky.  This was my first time in the South, mind you, not the deep South, but it was still the South.  For a NorCal boy, it was quite an experience.  Smoking is still allowed indoors, there is a crazy amount of green (not blue) grass, and things are pretty clean.  If you have a little bit of dough, the first thing you should buy is a horse because that is the thing to do.  Then, get yourself a white suit, a pretty woman and a big car.  Speaking of pretty women, Kentucky girls dress to impress and aren't shy about it.  Conversation is kept on the light side, unlike the makeup.  As one of them confided in me: “You know what they say about Lexington, beautiful horses and fast women...”  Check out the pictures below for some more entertainment.

Here's Abby with Time-N-Again.  Good news!  Time-N-Again is pregnant.

And here she's telling her friends, "Watch while I eat this guy's camera."

They have jailers in Kentucky.  What is a jailer?  Elect one and find out!

This is the stairwell of the UK library.  Guess what graces the foyer of the library on a 30 foot tapestry?  That's right, a picture of a horse.

This here is the UK library.  It is huge.  

The UK engineering quad.  That's a lot of bricks.  With no afternoon shade, this courtyard became a solar oven experiment.