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Early Season Tele Skiing November '03
Paul N Turns
Paul N turns

Paul N falls big!
Paul N falls

Paul G
Paul G poses

Joe, Paul N and Paul at Alpine Meadows, CA.  Dec 2004

Aspen,  March 2004

Highlands Bowl from Ajax.  Note slide on right.

Expert gates on Snowmass.  Aspen ski patrollers can't do math.

Indian Peaks Backcountry Skiing, March 2004

Mel's wake up call.  How did that ice get on the inside tent pole?

Paul N sacks, err, suits up to go outside.

Paul Z, Paul N and Justin enjoying the morning.

The slope we skied (as seen on the approach).  

Paul G. does everything wrong as he skis alpine style with his skins on, and enjoys it!

Paul N. descends on bullet-proof snow.

Adam, Justin, Paul Z and Paul N are ready to head out.

Paul N. enjoys the first sun of the trip on the way home.

Spring Skiing in the Fourth of July Area of Indian Peaks, May 2004

Obligatory high altitude shrine

Paul N. munches

Popping off the skis for the climb

The climb to the couloir

Hard earned turns in spring snow

Paul G. schusches to the end of the snow

And we begin walking

And finally arriving at the car on bicycle
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